What is a PotLifter?
It's a superbly engineered tool designed
specifically to help gardeners safely and easily
move heavy, awkward-to-lift objects, such as:
Large Flowerpots
Tree Root Balls
Hay Bales
Landscaping Stones
Firewood Rounds
Heavy bags (cement, mulch, feed)
*   *   *

refasten the two
ends back together.
unclip one of the
buckles and pass the
two ends around the
object to be lifted.
merely by lifting on
the handles, the straps
"cinch" around the
outside of the pot . . .
. . . pick up the pot, and off you go!
(Lifetime Warranty)
If you find a
new use for
PotLifter . . .
Let us know!
PotLifter folds up
and slips into a
drawstring bag for
convenient storage.
(PotLifter is
guaranteed to
last at least as
long as you do.)
PotLifter has been painstakingly engineered for dependability and ease of use:
*    *    *